Up to 2/3 reduction in file size

Written By: Amal Hasni & Dhia Hmila

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Exporting your fitted model after the training phase is the last crucial step in every Data Science Project. However, as important as it is, the methods we use to store our models weren’t specifically designed for Data Science in mind.

In fact, python’s pickle or the well-established joblib package, that we often use with Scikit-learn , are general-purpose standard serialization methods that work on any python object. Therefore, they're not as optimized as we'd like them to be.

After this article, you’ll see that we can do much better in terms of memory…

Main new and upgraded features

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A new version of JupyterLab has been released at the end of December 2020. This new release has some pretty interesting new features hidden for us.
In this article, we go through some of the most important changes.

Table of Contents

· A much simpler extension installing process
· Visual debugger
· Support for multiple languages
· Table of contents
· Improved Single Document Mode
· A Floating Command Palette
· A Visual Filter for files browsing

A much simpler extension installing process

No more need for rebuilding JupyterLab nor having NodeJS installed to install an extension. JupyterLab extensions can now be distributed as prebuilt extensions and installed simply…


With around 97% accuracy

Written by: Amal Hasni & Dhia Hmila

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We recently needed to write an extension of Python’s Markdown package. For this purpose, we needed to detect the programming language of each code block to apply specific modifications. Luckily, in addition to being programming enthusiasts, we also happen to be data scientists. So we decided to use Natural Language Processing techniques to build ourselves a classification model and we will explain exactly how we did that!

Before diving into the details of how we built our model, you can try it out on your own code snippets via this demo. …

Composite Estimators and Transformers

Written By: Amal Hasni & Dhia Hmila

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Data Science projects tend to include multiple back and forth passages between preprocessing, feature engineering, feature selection, training, testing … Juggling all of these steps, while trying multiple options or even in production environments, can get messy very fast. Fortunately, Scikit-Learn provides options that allow us to chain multiple estimators into one. In other words, a particular action like fit or predict needs only to be applied once on the whole sequence of estimators. …

Reflections of an actual woman in Tech about ‘positive’ discrimination and quotas

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I have recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about her desire to leave her current job. She pointed out to me that she’s confident she would find a more suitable position very quickly as a lot of companies are trying to increase their female quotas, especially in technical positions. Even though I knew very well that companies are trying to increase their gender equality numbers, hearing this put me face to face with the idea as if it was completely new to me.

I have always had a firm position with the idea of quotas created for…

Get clean, readable, and elegant code at all times

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Everyone has at some point experienced that moment when they looked back at some old code they wrote and had a hard time reading through it. And maybe you work in a big team with loads of code written every day and sometimes have to go through messy syntax, smashed-together huge blocks of code, and confusing function definitions. Fortunately, there are simple steps to follow to get clean readable code each time with a bit of practice and good habits.

In this article, I share with you 8 tips that helped me level up my coding skills in Python and…

Sending emails with Markdown/HTML templates

Written by: Amal Hasni & Dhia Hmila

Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

I have recently created a scraper to help me spot the best flight deals on Kayak. And to make my work complete, I needed to send myself notifications via email using Python. (Not missing out on good deals was the goal after all, wasn’t it ?) If you landed here, you probably need to send/receive email notifications like me, create an automated newsletter, or even send scheduled reports to clients automatically. …

Solve most of your Selenium challenges

Written by: Amal Hasni & Dhia Hmila

Photo by Karla Hernandez on Unsplash

Every time I have used Selenium for scrapping or automation, no matter how at ease I thought I had become with it, it always manages to surprise me with new issues and challenges. If that’s your case too, you’ll find this guide through common challenges useful and very time-saving.

Also, if you haven’t seen the first part of this guide, you should definitely check it out. The solution for the challenge you might be facing may be waiting for you in the first part if it’s not listed in this one.

That been…

Solve most of your Selenium challenges

Written by: Amal Hasni & Dhia Hmila

Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

I have recently had the idea to use Selenium with Python to automatize some repetitive tasks on SAP for a client. And as it always is the case when getting your hands dirty with code, I started to come across some challenges I never saw coming. Having spent a lot of time going through the internet trying to find the most suitable solution for each issue, I thought to myself:

How nice it would’ve been if I had found everything I needed gathered in one place, ready for use ?

So, to make…


How to leverage selenium functionalities to navigate and scrape KAYAK

Written by: Amal Hasni & Dhia Hmila

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

With everything going on in the world and with a post-corona virus world feeling too far away to imagine, my brain’s defense mechanism chose to do what it does best: hope for better days to come and more importantly: PLAN for it! With an image of me laying peacefully on a sandy beach, I started thinking about a way to get notified of the best flights and get the best deals delivered right to me on my mail. Now you’re probably wondering why would I build my personal notifier when there is a…

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