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  • Sam T

    Sam T

    Software Engineer

  • Khuyen Tran

    Khuyen Tran

    Data scientist. I share a little bit of goodness every day through daily data science tips: https://mathdatasimplified.com

  • Yassine Hamdaoui

    Yassine Hamdaoui

    Founder and CEO at NeuroData — Data Scientist

  • Evelyn Torrellas Cates

    Evelyn Torrellas Cates

    Data Science grad student wanting to improve our environment through data. | github.com/evelyntc

  • Jair Ribeiro

    Jair Ribeiro

    A passionate and enthusiastic Artificial Intelligence Evangelist writing about people's experiences with technology and innovation | Medium Top Writer

  • Dila Uzun

    Dila Uzun

    Growth Editor @ Start it up + Curious + Geek Culture

  • Theophano Mitsa

    Theophano Mitsa

    I am a data scientist, author, who loves to read and write, both tech and fiction.

  • Marc von Wyl

    Marc von Wyl

    Search NLP senior engineer @Algolia. Computer Scientist with experience in academia and industry and a strong interest in languages.

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