Hello Luan, Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you find the tips useful ๐Ÿ™Œ

Regarding the code commenting, while I agree with the fact that "good code is self-documenting", I still believe that even though they should be kept to a minimum, comments have a big added value for several reasons:

- Clarification comments are a big help for beginners who need a bit of guidance to get familiar with code. Plus, we all start somewhere and in the beginning, we don't necessarily find the cleanest ways to code. Through the learning process, having clarification comments as an option can be an undeniable big help.

- For example, if someone is trying to use your source code without necessarily wanting to go through it and read every line (especially if it's a big project with a LOT of code lines), it's extremely useful to have documentation comments to guide him through it and facilitate the knowledge transfer process.

- Sometimes you might make several attempts to optimize your code and end up reverting to your very first approach that turned out to be the most efficient. In those cases, you'd want to remind your future self or the person who is to work on your code in the future of that and save them precious time.

That being said, If you're at the level where you can write very clean self-explanatory source code, I totally get your point ๐Ÿ˜Š

A Data Science consultant and a technology enthusiast eager to learn and spread knowledge! /in/amal-hasni/

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